Changes not being felt? What should I do?

In most cases, Feldenkrais is not something that we need to do visually. As the person that is being taught, you will never get visual cues from a Feldenkrais teacher – it goes against the learning possibility.

In Feldenkrais, the instructions are given verbally while you have your eyes closed lying on the floor so that your brain has to listen – interpret what it heard – act on what you heard and then pay attention and apply mindfulness to experience change.

Once you experience the change, you then have the opportunity to change. Even than, lots of people find it hard to change because the habits of self, in the form of emotional response / physical presence are so deeply ingrained that most revert to their habitual way of being after a class.

If you practise Feldenkrais they way I teach it, than you will have a better chance of change, but, this requires tons of patience and lots of practise time throughout the day, not just when you are in a class.

Once a week is not enough. If you have attended a class once a week, i would recommend that you practise what you learnt every day at home for at least one hour and up to 4 to actually feel some sort of effect.When you practise the lesson, remember that you are observing and not fixing anything. The modality itself doesn’t matter, you could literally do any movement, as long as you are observing with mindfulness and noticing the awareness of the experience itself.