Working Backwards

It is most important to observe without judgement, to study the way your body contacts the floor, to notice differences from your left side to your right side of your body and to notice differences from the beginning of the lesson to the end of the lesson.
Once you discover something has changed, then try to ‘work backwards’ in your mind and in your memory to work out the ‘patterns’ of movement in your daily life that contribute to discomfort/pain/anxiety…
Oftentimes, people experience a change in their life, and the amazing feelings associated, and proceed right back to walking, standing, sitting, lying down in the old patterns.
Working backwards is literally that.
Working Backwards Awareness Mindfulness Classes
You do the lesson and when you have a ’new ‘ experience physically or mentally you recall in your memory what the difference is.
After you discover through your memory some difference, than you proceed to speculate on what part of the lesson might have changed you.
The lessons are science experiments.
Once you decide it might be this or that part of the lesson. Than you try doing that in isolation. And, through your own experience you will experience if it was indeed that part of the lesson that changed you.
Once you try doing this a couple times it will make more sense.